An Unprecedented Moment in American History

Boy meets president.  Boy gets inspired.  Thirty years later he becomes president.

The president can’t have the monument at the White House

while he is there, but once he leaves office, I can see it being

                        at the Clinton Presidential Library.

-Ron (Born of the 4th of July) Kovic, 1997

“I think he’ll love it.  If you like, I can take your

portfolio with me to the White House next week .”

-Thomas Caplan (life-long friend of President Clinton), January 10, 1997

“I can see this sculpted big in front of the Clinton Library.”

-Peter Max (Offered his publicist to help), 2000

July 24, 1963  in the White House Rose Garden, sixteen year old Bill

Clinton meets President Kennedy and vowed to one day have his job. 

A wonderful nonpolitical statement about mentoring.

To view the YouTube of this historic moment, narrated by President Clinton, 

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Ashi envisions a life-size bronze Inspiration in the White House Rose Garden, on the very spot that it took place, as an inspiring affirmation of the profound impact that mentoring can have on our impressionable youth.

(While looking at Ashi’s sculpture Dawn)

  1. -“It’s like I could be here with another Rodin.”

  2. -- Ron Kovic, 1997

Marin Independent Journal, November 17, 1997 - photos of the clay Inspiration





A non-political sculpture thwarted by politics:

Upon completion of the clay maquette in early January 1997, Ashi contacted Mr. Thomas Caplan, a long time friend of President Clinton, for feedback on the likeness of young Bill Clinton - while Inspiration was still in clay. After liking the photos he saw, stating, “I think he’ll love it,” Mr. Caplan graciously offered to take Ashi’s portfolio to The White House with him in January 1997. (Pre-internet days) On the very day that was to happen, the Monica Lewinsky scandal hit the fan and sidestepped President Clinton’s introduction to Inspiration.